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Episode #03: Insights From Dr Suthan

Episode #03: Insights From Dr Suthan

Journey in Transforming Healthcare

About ePink Health

ePink Health is an all-in-one healthcare solution that provides personalised and affordable healthcare services to individuals and organisations. ePink Health offers a range of healthcare services, including primary care, mental health counselling, nutrition counselling, and more, which can be accessed through in-person visits or through a secure telemedicine platform. ePink Health aims to make quality healthcare accessible to everyone, regardless of their location, physical disabilities, financial status, or medical history

Story Behind ePink Health

When Dr Suthan started his career as a doctor, he realised that patients are being treated based on their symptoms but not based on their underlying causes. The existing healthcare system focuses on the sick care system compared to a good care system for the population. Isn't that a problem?

He has been seeing the same patients over and over again for some chronic diseases and thought: “why is there no improvement? Why does a post-surgery patient need to come back to the hospital with an infection at the suture site? Why does the patient discontinue follow-up and medications?”

We have a medical care system which waits until we become ill before it kicks into action, instead of a healthcare system focused on helping us stay healthy

So what are the current problems that we are facing now in healthcare?

To share one of his personal stories, his grandfather was a very healthy and fit elderly gentleman around the 80s. Suddenly, his grandfather fell sick and was diagnosed with terminal-stage of mouth cancer. Before proceeding to further treatment, his grandfather died within 6months of diagnosis. He was very interested in attending Dr Suthan’s graduation in Russia. Unfortunately, that wish remains a dream

In the community, during his practice, Dr Suthan kept on seeing the same patient admitted for the same reason every month. He was curious, whether the treatment given to them was not effective or they did not comply with the treatment. He had seen some other cases in which they discontinued medication due to some reason, not aware of do’s and don'ts that need to be followed during any phases of medication or treatment. Are we really addressing the root cause of the problems?

This is where it triggered Dr Suthan to focus on preventive and precision medicine by personalising healthcare. What if a regular medical checkup, including blood and DNA screening, can be done and recorded digitally? Patients can know their health condition from time to time and can take action on time

Q4 2018, Dr Suthan was down with severe dengue till  ICU admission. His near-death experience was his calling to do something to democratise the healthcare industry via affordable, accessible, efficient health solutions. He joined multiple startup events to understand how to start and scale startups. When the pandemic happen, everybody including his own family members suffered a lot. It is an opportunity for him to look beyond how ePink Health can help patients and healthcare professionals communicate and engage effectively

About Dr Suthan

Dr Suthan has 9 years of experience in the medical industry. His previous experiences of managing his parent’s construction and food catering as well his own education consultancy. His versatile experience in different verticals gives him the advantage to look ahead further in scaling up his startup. He is known for his ability to learn, adapt and execute strategies for business development

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