Why Startups Fail
The Pivot Point: Insights from Entrepreneurs
Episode #02: Insights From Thinesh & Taren

Episode #02: Insights From Thinesh & Taren

How Arma Transformed into Efficient Communication Tool

About Arma

Arma is a unified communication platform that combines team collaboration and omnichannel services in a single platform. The platform’s modularity and flexibility allow users to construct their ideal digital workspace, accommodating their unique workstyles no matter how different

Story Behind Arma

Thinesh and Taren are two entrepreneurs who co-founded Arma, a new-age startup with the goal of revolutionising the unified communication sector in Southeast Asia

Thinesh and Taren have been childhood friends for 15 years and this is an advantage for their business, as they have built a strong foundation of trust and collaboration that is essential for any successful partnership

They are passionate about their mission to make communication more seamless and efficient for businesses and individuals alike. With their combined expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, Arma is well-positioned to bring more value to the industry

About Thinesh

Thinesh has over 6 years of experience in sales, marketing and team management which helps bring a unique perspective to Arma's marketing strategy. His previous working experience in companies like Accenture, CIMB Bank, Photobook and U-Mobile, help him to develop marketing campaigns for Arma that resonate with customers and drive business growth

About Taren

Taren, on the other hand, is a dynamic leader who has a deep understanding of the technology sector. With his extensive background in software development and project management, Taren has the expertise to guide Arma through every stage of its growth. He is known for his ability to identify market opportunities and create innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers

Why Startups Fail
The Pivot Point: Insights from Entrepreneurs
We dive into the experiences of successful Entrepreneurs, Founders, and C-suite leaders who share their stories of failure and growth. Discover how they turned setbacks into opportunities and get inspired to pursue your own entrepreneurial journey.
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